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jeff dunhamMiddlemen with experience.

USA Entertainment Agency excels in booking comedy clubs and dueling piano bars in the Central United States and beyond. Since we own two comedy clubs and a piano bar we pre-screen the acts BEFORE you have to. This means better shows for you the club owner. We book big name to small name comedians and the best dueling piano players in the country. We also assist and consult with room setup, sound, lights, and marketing of your shows. We have great references!

The key to a successful comedy club is booking quality entertainment at a fair price. A lot of people who attend comedy clubs do not know who they are going to see so it is important to put on a quality show every time so those people will have a great comedy experience no matter who is performing. We listen to the club owner as to what works in their market as far as type and style of comedy. We will book small names, big names and specialty acts to achieve the perfect mix of comedy based on their market. We know the comics, agents, and key contacts in the comedy world as we have been doing this for over 20 years. We've owned our own clubs for over 20 years and we book the clubs we work with the same way we book our own clubs; to entertain and to make money for the club owner.

"Since we partnered with USA Entertainment Agency for our comedy shows the crowds have almost doubled. The fact they own comedy clubs gives them insight into how a show should be run. This has resulted in noticeably funnier and more professional shows than what we had with our previous booker. Bottom line - our business is up, our guests are happier, and we are making more money".

Frank Melgreen
Decatur Hotel and Convention Center
Decatur, IL

"We have gotten terrific feedback from our fanbase on the quality of talent coming through our club. USA Entertainment Agency has helped solidify The Comedy Kitchen as the number one spot for Comedy in the Michiana/South Bend area."

Owner of the Comedy Kitchen
Mishawaka, IN