Here are some testimonials from some of our clients who loved our work!

Mike and Dan did a fantastic job! Everyone I spoke to thought the event was a huge success. There was mention of getting the dueling pianos again next year. The entire process was smooth and very easy to set up and plan. Thank you so much.

Katie Christensen
Amur Equipment Finance

Thank you for helping us put together Saturday Night’s dueling piano event. Dan and Michael were awesome and really got the crowd involved!! Many people didn’t know exactly what the night would entail but we had AMAZING feedback and no one left early! It was amazing having an entertainer in Alta Vista again and Dan and Michael were exactly what we needed. Thank you for doing what you do!! We’ll be in touch!

Dana Lentz
Shawver Well Company, Inc.

It was wonderful! Your guys were so good!!! We have an event this summer I am going to propose we use you again! Thank you for everything!

Tara Illg
Grinnell Mutual Insurance

OMGsh it was soooo good! Pete even asked if he could continue because we were all having such a good time. And I so appreciated his consideration when he wanted to take the jokes to the next level! He would look at me and ask first and I very much appreciated his thoughtfulness!!

And we even had a large amount people that had left early due to the bad weather. But the “fun people” stayed which made for a much smaller group and more personable.

Pete had men in tears from laughing so hard!! All of my peeps that stayed said they “really” enjoyed the entertainment even my boss. So I would say it was a success!!

Thank you so much for your guidance and help finding the right person for us!

Tammy Goodman
3E Electrical Engineering & Equipment Company

It was fantastic! The guys did a great job entertaining our group and we were so appreciative of them traveling through wintry weather to be a part of our annual Christmas party! I have received positive comments from several employees and enjoyed working with you, Tommy, Robert and Adam. Thanks again!

Julie Smith
Community Hospital

The show went great, had all of us in tears (which is a good thing)!! I had a lot of employee’s on Monday comment on how good he was!

Carrie Reilly
The ESCO Group