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Recently Jaymz Larson at KRNA wrote an article about me and the talent that I represent. To read about the comedians and musicians that I represent, read the full article here.

Now Booking Classic Vinyl Live

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USA Entertainment is constantly working with talented, exciting entertainment to book for your event, party, or wedding here in Iowa.  USA Entertainment in now booking Classic Vinyl Live.

Classic Vinyl Live is an experience, not just a concert. The beauty of the music that Classic Vinyl Live plays also includes the times that come with it. Classic Vinyl Live takes you to those times with not only the music but with fantastic video and a light show that rivals any show out there today. You and your guests will find yourself immersed in the music and in disbelief while they play 90 minutes of the greatest music ever released on vinyl performed by one of the best bands in the United States.

The light show and video presentation are a combination of the work of lighting designer Scott Wilson and the legendary Marc L. Rubenstein of Fillmore East Fame (Father of the Pig Light Show.) Marc created the light shows for bands such as Pink Floyd, Steve Miller, Fleetwood Mac, Santana, Hendrix, The Who and countless others. Rubenstein is being considered now for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his ground breaking work. 

Together the team has created the must see show of the 2016 Season. Classic Vinyl Live.

For more info about how you can book Classic Vinyl Live for your upcoming even contact Jeff at USA Entertainment here.  You can learn more about this great group by visiting their website here.

Event Entertainment & Dueling Pianos: Perfect For Any Audience

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Dueling Pianos and Entertainment for Weddings, Anniversaries, and Birthday Parties 

Dueling pianos are a hit at wedding receptions and other special life events. The high-energy atmosphere a dueling piano show provides makes wedding receptions, anniversaries, and birthday parties fun and memorable for both hosts and guests. Dueling piano shows are appropriate for audiences of all ages, and allow everyone, young and old, to participate and interact. Pianists hired know a wide range of music that will fit the requests of almost any audience. USA Entertainment has received numerous compliments on dueling piano shows booked for weddings including this one below:


“It was amazing!!! I wanted I let you know that Michael and Dan put on one of the best dueling piano shows I have ever been a part of! I have seen many dueling pianos in the past, and I was even at a howl at the moon dueling piano bar earlier this week, and the way these two guys interacted with our audience couldn’t compare! From the start…the first song they played, they had us hooked. I was stopped throughout the night by our guests and was told that the dueling piano show was a huge hit. I absolutely would recommend these 2 to anyone for an event. Phenomenal job!!! Thank you!”

Kyla Collision


USA Entertainment also provides live band karaoke and big name and tribute bands for weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties. We also provide sound, lighting, and stage consulting to ensure your special night is flawless.


Corporate Parties and Meetings

No matter the atmosphere of your corporate event, USA Entertainment can help planners determine the most appropriate and fitting entertainment. For holiday parties, business anniversaries, or other business events, USA Entertainment can book clean comedy, big name and tribute bands, or dueling pianos. These acts can be tailored to fit the needs of any audience.


For corporate meetings and events, USA Entertainment also books keynote speakers. USA Entertainment can fill the needs of any budget and also provides sound, lighting, and stage consulting.


When planning your next corporate event, contact USA Entertainment for more information about pre-screened, quality entertainment available.


College Shows

Regardless of the venue or budget, USA Entertainment can book the perfect entertainment to visit your college campus. We understand the need to have a performer that catches the attention of a fast-paced college audience. Our comedians, hypnotists, and musical acts are equipped to keep the attention of a college audience and have students laughing, dancing, and entertained all evening long.


We book dueling piano shows, comedians, speakers, hypnotists and live music for college campuses across the country. When planning your next event on campus, consider USA Entertainment for pre-screened, quality entertainment that fits your budget and audience.


Fairs and Festivals

Dueling piano acts are a crowd favorite at fairs and festivals. Provide attendees with a musical act they will stop and enjoy rather than pass by. Dueling piano acts allow the crowd to participate and interact with the entertainment. Big name bands and tribute bands are another great way to get a crowd congregated to dance, sing, and enjoy the fair or festival.


No matter the event, USA Entertainment has a wide variety of entertainment that fits any event, party, or celebration. Contact USA Entertainment today to learn about entertainment options for your upcoming event. You can contact USA Entertainment here, by email at or by phone at (319) 846-9336. 

Four Mistakes to Avoid When You Book Wedding Entertainment

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Entertainment at your wedding or event is one of the most important aspects. USA Entertainment wants your day to be fun, memorable and stress-free and suggests avoiding the following mistakes when booking wedding entertainment.

Mistake #1. Booking Online- In 2015, booking online may seem like the easiest route to finding great entertainment. However using companies such as Gig Master and Gig Salad to book talent for your very important evening can be a major risk. Booking entertainment online risks the quality and reassurance of a great entertainer at your event. Because these companies have no have no pre-screening process in place, any entertainer can sign up to be listed on these online sites, regardless of experience and talent.   As a result there is is no filter in place to monitor the quality or experience of bands on Gig Master or Gig Salad.

USA Entertainment Agency exists to provide the guests at your event the best entertainment possible.  From dueling pianos, cover and tribute bands, and comedy, USA Entertainment Agency pre-screens talent to ensure your event has the best entertainment available. There is no need to book online, USA Entertainment has a wide variety of entertainers that will have you and your guests laughing, singing, and dancing all evening long.


Mistake #2. Booking Unqualified Talent- Just as we warn against hiring talent online, avoid hiring entertainment that is not qualified and experienced enough to put on a great show. Avoid booking unqualified talent by hiring entertainment that has been pre-screened by an agency, such as USA Entertainment. Booking screened talent allows peace of mind for a great, entertaining evening. USA Entertainment places pride in the quality of entertainment we provide. Our clients gush about compliments from guests on the quality of entertainment we provide!


Mistake #3. Hiring a DJ to Only Play Music – Entertainment at weddings and parties should be fun, exciting and engaging for your audience. Too often couples hire a DJ with the idea that their sole role is to play music off a list of music.  Great entertainers know how to work a crowd, and make sure that guests are having a great time. Dueling Piano acts booked through USA Entertainment are fun, entertaining, and interactive. A dueling piano show keeps guests entertained and the pianists make a fun, inviting atmosphere. More than just playing music off a list, dueling piano shows are interactive and encourage all audience members to be involved. This is an extremely important aspect to keep in mind as you hire entertainment for your wedding.


Mistake #4. Disregarding Lights, Sound and Stage Set-Up- A night could turn quickly if a DJ or band shows up without proper sound and lighting. It’s crucial that entertainment hired is well equipped to create the right sound and lighting at your venue. Because it is assumed that a band or DJ is prepared in this sense, it is an easy detail to overlook. USA Entertainment provides stage, lighting, and sound consulting for all of our clients. We want to make sure your venue is set up properly and that things run smoothly all evening. 

USA Entertainment Agency wants to help make your wedding or event fun and memorable for you and your guests. Contact us today to learn about the many entertainment options available.

USA Entertainment Agency’s wide variety of wedding entertainment options includes:

  • Bands
  • Tribute bands
  • Dueling pianos
  • Live band karaoke
  • Comedians


Consider contacting USA Entertainment when you are ready to book wedding entertainment in Iowa. Complete a contact form or contact Jeff at USA Entertainment Agency at or by phone at (319) 846-9336.

Four Reasons You Need Dueling Pianos at Your Next Event

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 A variety of entertainment options exist for important parties and celebrations.  Make your next event unique with a dueling piano act booked by USA Entertainment Agency.

1. Surprise Guests with an Unexpected Show

Far from a typical DJ and dance, guests will truly be wowed by the performance of a dueling piano act booked by USA Entertainment Agency.  We book top pianists and dueling piano acts from all over the nation to make events special and memorable!  Dueling piano players booked by USA Entertainment work at top rated dueling piano clubs in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other US cities.

Your guests will enjoy the fun, exciting atmosphere that a dueling piano brings to any event.  Along with a dueling piano act comes, audience requests, dancing, sing-a-longs and laughter all evening.

Dueling piano acts are not only an event you’ll remember, but a night your guests will rave for months following.

2. Engages Audience and Allows Participation

Audience participation and engagement makes dueling piano shows fun and exciting.  Event guests can request and hear their favorite songs, making it more enjoyable for them and allowing them to get excited about the performance.

Audience members and guests are encouraged to request songs, dance and sing-a-long keeping the fun on the dance floor all evening long.

3. Appropriate and Entertaining For Any Guest

Because guest can make requests, songs played during a dueling piano act vary dramatically.   From country, pop, and rock and roll of today and the past the show is sure to appeal to an audience of any age and interest.

Dueling piano acts are fun for those who love to sing and dance but also for those who prefer to sit and listen from afar.  The commentary and dialogue between pianists is comedic and playful, keeping even those who prefer not to dance and sing entertained. Dueling piano shows booked by USA Entertainment  are appropriate for an audience of all ages.  Ages 2-92 will enjoy the fun and interactive atmosphere created by a dueling pianos show.

4. A Night You Will Remember Forever

A great deal of time and money goes into planning important life events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties.  USA Entertainment wants to make sure you remember these special moments for years to come!  Dueling piano acts the perfect way to make these special life events unforgettable.

Such a unique show, you won’t forget the fun atmosphere created at your event by a dueling piano act.

USA Entertainment Agency books the most dueling piano shows in the Midwest than any other company. We can provide a wide range of references for weddings, corporates, fundraisers, and other events.

Interested in learning more about dueling pianos at your wedding, corporate event or party? Contact USA Entertainment today to begin planning.  Visit us online here or call  (319) 846-9336. 

Avoid Booking Entertainment Online

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When planning an important event, maybe a big corporate event with important clients or investors, or a wedding with all of your closest friends and family, every planner is focused on making the day or evening absolutely perfect.  From the food, decorations and booking entertainment, taking the easy route often leads to low quality, and let down expectations.

For those exact reasons, USA Entertainment Agency exists to provide the guests at your event the best entertainment possible.  From dueling pianos, cover and tribute bands, and comedy, USA Entertainment Agency pre-screens talent to ensure your event has the best entertainment available.

For more information about booking with USA Entertainment contact us here or call (319) 846-9336.

Beware Online Entertainment Booking Services

Tailored service and reassurance is a guarantee from USA Entertainment Agency, not so much when you book online.  So why book online and risk the quality and reassurance of a great entertainer at your event?

Online booking services such as Gig Master and Gig Salad have no pre-screening process in place.  Bad and good entertainers alike can sign up to be listed on these online sites.  If a performer chooses, they can pay a fee, create a video, and sign up online with no proof of experience or professionalism.  There is no filter in place to monitor the quality or experience of bands on Gig Master or Gig Salad.

Online booking services are a huge risk that should be avoided when planning an event you want to remember for a lifetime.  Although prices on these online booking sites may seem like a great deal, lower prices often equal lower quality and performance.

USA Entertainment wants to ensure your event is as perfect as you hope for.  We have a wide variety of performers that will make you laugh, sing, and dance all evening long.  If you are planning a wedding, corporate event, party or festival, contact USA Entertainment here or call (319) 846-9336.




Corporate Entertainment 2015

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usa_entertainment_agency_logo_colorIf you own or are in charge of entertainment for your business 2015 would be the perfect year to add entertainment to your corporate culture. Providing clean, fun entertainment is a great way for team building and shows your employees that work is not all that is important to you. Having a fun company to work for and a fun work environment is one of the more important things in employee job satisfaction. Corporate entertainment is not a risk at all. Reputable booking agencies provide corporate proven, no risk entertainment. Whether it is a holiday party, sales meeting, recognition meeting, awards banquet, summer picnic, or just a get together to celebrate the company in general clean and fun entertainment is available. Comedians, hypnotists, magicians, dueling pianos, live band karaoke, tribute bands, big name bands and many other options are out there. It is important to work with a reputable agency to get your entertainment. One who has been in business a long time, has references, and specializes in corporate entertainment, Be cautious using on line booking agencies or someone’s demo tape, Many times those people aren’t professional and many times don’t do corporate events for a living. I have heard the horror stories. For more information call 319-846-9336 or email

David Scott as the Swinger

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Sometimes once in awhile an entertainer comes around who defies description. David Scott as the Swinger is just that type of act. Part comedian, magician, impressionist, musical comedian, and all around Las Vegas style showman David Scott as the Swinger is a entertainment experience that has to be seen to understand. David excels in providing audience interactive corporate entertainment as well as casinos, cruises, clubs and fundraisers. He performs a clean show as evidenced by his bookings on Carnival Cruise Lines. His “Most dangerous bit in comedy” is one of the funniest bits out there today and his musical closer is as much fun as you would ever imagine. He has credits to back up his incredible show including HBO, Carnival Cruise Lines, casinos all over the country, major A room clubs, and holds the Guinness Book of World Records for longest continuous stand-up comedy show at over 40 hours.

Internet Entertainment Be Cautious

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usa_entertainment_agency_logo_colorThe internet is a wealth of information. That is good and bad. Many companies look for entertainment on the internet and there are lots of options. One of the things to be careful of are internet entertainment site like Gigmaster, Gigsalad, etc. These sites do not qualify any of the acts that are listed on these sites. ANYONE who will pay the fee to appear on these sites gets access. Many companies believe because an artist is on one of these sites they provide a quality show or a corporate appropriate show. The key to corporate entertainment is to get an act that is appropriate for the audience and is clean enough to do a corporate show. Many acts are geared towards the club market but are not geared for a corporate show. The key is to find a booker that knows the acts, has multiple years of experience booking corporates, and has multiple references. Any company that books entertainment without those pieces in place is running a risk for their company. Typically you can save a little money by buying on-line sight unseen but more often than not these events are not successful.

Hypnotists for Corporate Events

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A unique and fun corporate event is to bring in a comedy hypnotist. Companies sometimes shy away from this type of entertainment thinking “our company wouldn’t have people that will go up and be hypnotized”. That is never the case. Being hypnotized is a great experience and good corporate hypnotists will not do anything that a person would be embarrassed about. They actually become part of the show and gain notoriety from being part of the show within the company. The hypnotist should be clean, funny, technically a good hypnotist, and experienced. This makes for a great custom holiday party or sales meeting entertainment. Contact USA Entertainment Agency for more details or call 319-846-9336. dougthypnosisshow

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"Since we partnered with USA Entertainment Agency for our comedy shows the crowds have almost doubled. The fact they own comedy clubs gives them insight into how a show should be run. This has resulted in noticeably funnier and more professional shows than what we had with our previous booker. Bottom line - our business is up, our guests are happier, and we are making more money".

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