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When planning an important event, maybe a big corporate event with important clients or investors, or a wedding with all of your closest friends and family, every planner is focused on making the day or evening absolutely perfect.  From the food, decorations and booking entertainment, taking the easy route often leads to low quality, and let down expectations.

For those exact reasons, USA Entertainment Agency exists to provide the guests at your event the best entertainment possible.  From dueling pianos, cover and tribute bands, and comedy, USA Entertainment Agency pre-screens talent to ensure your event has the best entertainment available.

For more information about booking with USA Entertainment contact us here or call (319) 846-9336.

Beware Online Entertainment Booking Services

Tailored service and reassurance is a guarantee from USA Entertainment Agency, not so much when you book online.  So why book online and risk the quality and reassurance of a great entertainer at your event?

Online booking services such as Gig Master and Gig Salad have no pre-screening process in place.  Bad and good entertainers alike can sign up to be listed on these online sites.  If a performer chooses, they can pay a fee, create a video, and sign up online with no proof of experience or professionalism.  There is no filter in place to monitor the quality or experience of bands on Gig Master or Gig Salad.

Online booking services are a huge risk that should be avoided when planning an event you want to remember for a lifetime.  Although prices on these online booking sites may seem like a great deal, lower prices often equal lower quality and performance.

USA Entertainment wants to ensure your event is as perfect as you hope for.  We have a wide variety of performers that will make you laugh, sing, and dance all evening long.  If you are planning a wedding, corporate event, party or festival, contact USA Entertainment here or call (319) 846-9336.





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"Since we partnered with USA Entertainment Agency for our comedy shows the crowds have almost doubled. The fact they own comedy clubs gives them insight into how a show should be run. This has resulted in noticeably funnier and more professional shows than what we had with our previous booker. Bottom line - our business is up, our guests are happier, and we are making more money".

Frank Melgreen
Decatur Hotel and Convention Center
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