Internet Entertainment Be Cautious

Posted on November 13, 2014 in Bands/Live Shows, Comedy, Dueling Pianos  |  

usa_entertainment_agency_logo_colorThe internet is a wealth of information. That is good and bad. Many companies look for entertainment on the internet and there are lots of options. One of the things to be careful of are internet entertainment site like Gigmaster, Gigsalad, etc. These sites do not qualify any of the acts that are listed on these sites. ANYONE who will pay the fee to appear on these sites gets access. Many companies believe because an artist is on one of these sites they provide a quality show or a corporate appropriate show. The key to corporate entertainment is to get an act that is appropriate for the audience and is clean enough to do a corporate show. Many acts are geared towards the club market but are not geared for a corporate show. The key is to find a booker that knows the acts, has multiple years of experience booking corporates, and has multiple references. Any company that books entertainment without those pieces in place is running a risk for their company. Typically you can save a little money by buying on-line sight unseen but more often than not these events are not successful.


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"Since we partnered with USA Entertainment Agency for our comedy shows the crowds have almost doubled. The fact they own comedy clubs gives them insight into how a show should be run. This has resulted in noticeably funnier and more professional shows than what we had with our previous booker. Bottom line - our business is up, our guests are happier, and we are making more money".

Frank Melgreen
Decatur Hotel and Convention Center
Decatur, IL